GVS Bullion Group finds its origin in 2003 and has evolved into a profitable international group of companies operating in the field of precious metals. High-level retail and wholesale clients are being served throughout the world.

The GVS Bullion Group has grown to become the leading precious metal suppliers in Europe through tailored CRM systems and superior logistical solutions. High-security storage of precious metals has been established as another pillar to our global success.

At the beginning, the GVS Bullion Group has elevated precious metals in Austria to new levels. With the trademark “Goldvorsorge” a pan-European market presence was launched, followed by other brands in countries like Germany, Spain, Romania and Hungary. Since then, we have constantly entered into new markets. Today our activities range from North America to the Far East.The strategy behind this has always been the same. Service orientation and tailored solutions for all clients in wholesale and retail.

GVS Bullion Group

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