Professional Precious Metal Verification

Recognize precious metal forgeries within seconds

More and more precious metal forgeries get into circulation. Whereas before those used to be only bullions there are now also coins forged perfectly. Recognizing these fakes is virtually only possible for professionals, resulting in a great risk of high financial damage.

Protect yourself with the GVS Bullion Tester

With the GVS Bullion Tester you recognize any forgery within seconds. It detects also minor metal mixtures. Even perfect tungsten forgeries are immediately exposed!

Advantages of the GVS Bullion Tester:

  • Genuineness test of gold & silver, etc.
  • Reliable and immediate results
  • Products and packaging remain intact
  • Coins, medals, scrap gold and bullions – everything can be tested

A metal’s magnetism cannot be manipulated. Every metal reacts in its own way to a magnetic field. It is either attracted or repulsed. The manner and magnitude of this reaction depend entirely on the composition of the metal. Precious metals like gold are not magnetic and are only weakly repulsed by a magnetic field. Popular counterfeit materials (like e.g. tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, hafnium, iridium, rhenium) on the other hand are attracted by magnets. The GVS Bullion Tester is a modern magnetic scale and measures the attraction or repulsion of the magnet contactlessly. All test objects remain in their packaging and suffer no decrease in value. Gilded objects and tungsten cores are identified immediately. Also, more objects can be tested simultaneously, like e.g. coins in a tube. The device is equally suited for large bullions. Results are available within seconds. The easy handling and quickly available results together with affordable acquisition costs position the GVS Bullion Tester above other destruction-free test methods.

Give forgeries no chance

The GVS Bullion Tester is easily operated without previous knowledge. As a professional trader you want to make sure only originals are purchased and sold. Also non-trained employees can make risk-free decisions with this quick-test. If you as a buyer do not trust a certain trader the GVS Bullion Tester is the way to make sure.

Comparative values for gold & silver and an instruction manual you can find in the PDF files above. The provided lists with comparative values are continuously updated.

Previously used testing methods and their limitations

X-ray fluorescence: This method is limited by inherently low penetration depths. Thickly gilded forgeries cannot be identified. Apart from that, those devices are very expensive.
Ultrasonic testing: Works only on smooth surfaces. Packaging must be opened and bullions suffer a decrease in value.
Testing Acid: Gilded objects are hereby identified as genuine.
Density determination: Perfect complement to the GVS Bullion Tester for calculation of fineness. Fully automated devices like the GVS Archimedes calculate the carats or percentage of precious metals. Important: tungsten is only recognized by the GVS Bullion Tester!
Volume calculation: Due to the almost identical densities of tungsten and gold, forgeries with a tungsten core are not recognized.
Drilling: Enables recognition of gilded objects but destroys the metal and is just punctual.

How much gold is really in there?

Recognize the real value of your valuables. Where there is a lot of value, there is a lot of fraud. Under a thin layer of gold, there is often just cheap metal hidden. Make sure that you check your object of purchase thoroughly before you pay any money for it.

The GVS Archimedes tells you right away.

With only 2 x pressing a button you measure the fineness of all alloys. All alloys are analyzed within seconds, be they gold, silver or platinum. Know the value immediately!

Gold, Silver & Platinum

  • Display the gold content in karats or percentage. Resolution = 0.1 K
  • Display the silver content in parts of 1000. Resolution = 25
  • Display the platinum content in parts of 1000. Resolution = 50

Advantages of the GVS Archimedes:

  • Easy handling
  • Immediate results in Karats or percentage
  • Universally applicable
  • Exact determination of fineness
  • Perfect for purchase of jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, industrial products, wires, bullion coins, etc.

Mode of operation

The weight of any object in water changes according to its volume. An object with higher density has less volume per weight. That is why it displaces less water and experiences less buoyancy – the weight in water is higher than that of objects with lower density / higher volume. This behavior can be used to exactly calculate the density. The GVS Archimedes does that in a fully automatized way. Just save the normal weight in air and then the weight in water and the fineness of the test object is calculated. No more need for looking up values in tables! The source of errors from calculating is eliminated.

Pay only for what you really get!

The GVS Archimedes was specially adjusted to your needs. The easy handling enables fast measurements, completely without looking up values in tables. In the gold mode it shows you the carats and also the percentage of the contained gold. You can switch between the most polpular alloys. The choice is gold-silver-copper, gold-copper and gold-silver. In the silver and platinum mode, respectively, it displays the precious metal content as parts of 1000, which is the most prevalent system (e.g. pure silver has 1000 parts of 1000, sterling silver has 925 parts of 1000, etc.)

Shipping Information

Austria: 4,90 € (only Express)
Germany: 10,90 € (Standard) or 33,90 € (Express)
EU: 13,90 € (Standard) or 33,90 € (Express)
Zone 1: 45,90 € (only Express)
Rest of the World: 69,90 € (only Express)

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